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The word SHAKALOHA is created from the words Shaka, which is the Hawaiian hand greeting with a straight thumb and pinky finger and middle fingers bent, and from the word Aloha, which is Hawaiian which literally translates to: to love is to share the happiness of the breath of life.

In the logo you see two Shaka’s finding each other, symbolic for people greeting each other with the pure joy of living with whatever passion they share, being aware that all

Therefore Shakaloha is much more than a label, Shakaloha radiates a positive lifestyle and aims to inspire people to live their passions and follow their dreams, and to share the love for anything that makes them enthusiastic without doing any harm to our fellow humans and the earth.

Our slogan


reminds us to always realize we are all here to enjoy our lives, to share with others and to be of service.

After almost 10 years of owning skate and surf shops, Shakaloha founder André Blom started the brand in 2008.

He realised he could do what he loves to do by spreading what he learned in life by starting the brand. With his passion for designing and marketing garments, travelling and surfing, he decided to combine it all and travels the North European coasts to surf and to look for retail shop to sell his products, living in his camper van with his surf gear and sample jackets on board.


The product line of Shakaloha now consist of a broad range of fleece lined wool jackets made in Nepal. The success of our jackets has been amazing and with a growing market and popularity of the Shakaloha jackets we are very pleased to be able help our Nepalese workers with an income and housing to overcome the devastating earthquakes of April 2015.

Up to this moment André is still travelling around Europe and the globe serving his clients with new designs, visiting the suppliers in Nepal and surfing famous beaches where he spreads the Shakaloha philosophy.

We hope you like our spirit and products and can welcome you the Shakaloha lifestyle!